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Welcome to the IRDS™ News page. This page contains news of past IRDS™ events and activities, as well as articles related to the IRDS™.

  • The 2017 Edition of the IRDS™ has been released.  This edition includes both full IFT reports as well as associated data tables for certain report. You can access all of these reports at this link.
  • The Spring IRDS™ workshop was held on March 11-12, 2018, in San Francisco, California, co-located with the IEEE International Reliability Physics Symposium (IRPS)
    • March 11 - IRDS™ Spring Workshop
      • International Focus Teams (IFTs) planned their 2018 work, based on the latest driver sets for Overall Roadmap Technology Characteristics (ORTC) and Systems Characteristics (ORSC)
      • A new IFT, the Cryogenic Electronics and Quantum Computing IFT, was formally created.  The team produced a white paper as part of the 2017 work, with the expectation of a new IRDS™ chapter in 2018.
    • March 12 – IRDS™ Outbriefs were presented of the 2017 IFT chapter highlights and 2018 plans

IRDS™ Articles

Media Feeds for IRDS™ is a list of recent articles related to IRDS™ topics from renowned press houses.

These will be updated for 2018 soon!

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