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  • The Spring IRDS workshop was held on April 1-2, 2017, in Monterey California, co-located with the IEEE International Reliability Physics Symposium (IRPS)
    • The IRDS teams discussed considerations for overall roadmap drivers for devices and systems.
    • Each International Focus Team then prepared a response with respect to current state, and outlined their roadmaps’ future technology needs and challenges.
    • On April 4, a panel discussion was held to discuss future state beyond CMOS. Interviews with the moderator and the panelists are available here. <LINK>
  • June Webinars were held on June 19 and 20, as status reports among the IRDS teams
    • Each team summarized their progress to date, as well as presented information flow maps and linkages to other teams/topics. These concepts are fundamental to recognizing interdependencies throughout the effort, as well as within the industry.


Media Feeds for IRDS is a list of recent articles related to IRDS topics from renowned press houses.

Download IRDS Media Pickups List (PDF, 85 KB)

Of Particular Interest…

Ed Sperling with Semiconductor Engineering published a three-part series on Moore's Law (with parts 2 and 3 covering IEEE and IRDS):

APRIL 20TH, 2017 - Moore’s Law: A Status Report
Part 1: The ability to shrink devices will continue for at least four more nodes as EUV begins to ramp, but it’s just one of a growing number of options.

MAY 15TH, 2017 - Moore’s Law: Toward SW-Defined Hardware
Part 2: Heterogeneity and architectures become focus as scaling benefits shrink; IP availability may be problematic.

MAY 24TH, 2017 - Reworking Established Nodes
Part 3: Attention turns to pre-finFET processes because benefits of device scaling don’t apply equally to all markets.

Roy Rubenstein from circulated this article regarding the future of semiconductors:

JUNE 5, 2017 – “Creating a long-term view for the semiconductor industry”

March 2016 - IEEE Rebooting Computing Initiative, IEEE Standards Association, and IEEE Computer Society Introduce New International Roadmap for Devices and Systems to Set the Course for End-to-End Computing

July 19, 2016 - Plotting the Course for Semiconductor Development - IEEE to provide direction for the industry's devices and systems

December 2, 2016 -- IEEE’s Success Depends on Reengaging With Industry - President Barry Shoop says the organization needs to reconnect with those who are driving technology advancements

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