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International Symposium on Roadmapping Devices and Systems (ISRDS)

May 29-30, 2024

The Computer Society Task Force for Rebooting Computing (TFRC) and the International Roadmap for Devices and Systems (IRDS) presents the virtual 2024 International Symposium on Roadmapping Devices and Systems (ISRDS). As part of attendance, you will have access to all videos and presentations for the days you register for.  

Register for each or both days' sessions.  With this flexibility, you can attend the talks you wish but have access to all talks as videos for the day you register for:

May 29: Day 1 highlights the 2023 IRDS Roadmaps

May 30: Day 2 presents "New Directions in Computing" presentations from the IEEE International Conference on Rebooting Computing (ICRC).

ISRDS Registration Link

IRDS Analytics

Interest in the IRDS continues! 

Annual total pageviews are below showing a total of over 1 million views since 2017...

1Q24 IRDS Website AnnualViews 2017 2024


Who is accessing the IRDS? Here's a peek at the 2024 first quarter...

Our 1Q24 Pageviews were 74,378! Our IRDS Downloads were 10,540! 
Our Top Ten Countries charts are below:

1Q24 IEEE IRDS Pageviews

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What's down the road for our teams ?

IRDS 2024 Edition is a "full revision year" with new timelines and drivers.  Preparations are underway as follows:

The 2024 IRDS Edition considers new markets, essential technologies, expanding existing technical subjects

  • Device and system experts are reviewing/revising IRDS technology and systems drivers (Overall Roadmap Technology Characteristics and System Characteristics (ORTC and ORSC))
  • All topic roadmap teams are revising roadmap reports
  • Cross team topics integrated and aligned
  • Publishing starts in mid-2024



  • SiNANO-ICOS/Europe – May 13-14 [in person in Athens]
    • (also, Eurosoi –ULIS on May 15-17)
  • ISRDS/U.S. – May 29-30 virtual – This is a virtual event.
    • Day 1/IRDS, Day 2/ICRC highlights
  • SDRJ Symposium/Japan – July 12 is a hybrid event at KEIO university.  
    • IRDS presentations will be given in the Japanese Language
  • IRDS/IEEE International Nanodevices and Computing Conference (INC) – September 25-26. This is a virtual event.
    • Day 1/IRDS, Day 2/INC regional (Europe, Japan, US) presentations on future devices
  • ICRC – December  (Dates to be announced). This is a live, in person event.


Earlier News Items

The 2022 IRDS Executive Summary is now available in Japanese. 

The SDRJ has translated this document for our Japanese contributors and roadmap users:

2022IRDS ES Japanese cover 

SiNANO has an advertisement for young students and professionals; check it out...

 IRDS advertisementV2 SINANO sm





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