Welcome to the IRDS News page.  This page contains news of past IRDS events and activities, as well as articles related to the IRDS.

  • The 2017 Edition of the IRDS has been released.  This edition includes both full IFT reports as well as associated data tables for certain report. You can access all of these reports at this link.
  • The Spring IRDS workshop was held on March 11-12, 2018, in San Francisco, California, co-located with the IEEE International Reliability Physics Symposium (IRPS)
    • March 11 - IRDS Spring Workshop
      • International Focus Teams (IFTs) planned their 2018 work, based on the latest driver sets for Overall Roadmap Technology Characteristics (ORTC) and Systems Characteristics (ORSC)
      • A new IFT, the Cryogenic Electronics and Quantum Computing IFT, was formally created.  The team produced a white paper as part of the 2017 work, with the expectation of a new IRDS chapter in 2018.
    • March 12 – IRDS Outbriefs were presented of the 2017 IFT chapter highlights and 2018 plans

IRDS Articles

Media Feeds for IRDS is a list of recent articles related to IRDS topics from renowned press houses.

These will be updated for 2018 soon!

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